Authentic Identity and Communication

It’s no longer relevant to construct a brand, it’s time to acknowledge your true, lived identity.

There is something inherently attractive about showing your full self in all its glory and vulnerability. Through new channels of communication and media, a new space has been created where this honesty is celebrated and acknowledged as one of our inherent human values. It may have been true once that the public accepted the polished yet insincere over the imperfect and true but those times have ended. This new space is an opportunity for your organisation to grow.

People, society, markets are hungry for acts of courage and authenticity

It’s no longer relevant to construct a brand, you have to communicate who you really are. Be vulnerable, take a stand, and show yourself to the public, and take responsibility for your presence and actions. By fully acknowledging the space you occupy and standing by who you are you will learn far more than you ever did by hiding behind constructions. And if you can truly stand by what you do and who you are, so will others.

New channels are enabling organisations and individuals to communicate directly through a variety of new and evolving platforms. An organisation’s outward identity is not restricted to short tv and print ads and can now be explored in a variety of formats within the communication landscapes enabled by new media. New metrics have been introduced to allow companies truly personalised data and access to the individual. There is a huge amount of potential in the evolving digital landscape to honestly and creatively relate your identity, products, and services to individuals.
J2C will help your organisation navigate this terrain in order to take advantage of opportunities upon your path while avoiding pitfalls.

We will guide you in putting your identity into words and media and communicating it authentically and attractively. Whether it’s increasing your social media and search presence or diving deep into your organisation’s identity through authentic communication, introspection and definition of purpose, J2C can accompany on your journey. We offer a wide range of formats and levels of engagement to ensure that your organisation’s needs will be met with the right tools.

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